How to Save or Restore Desktop Icon Layout in Windows 10

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Anand Hans is the Administrator of Iconblend, Microsoft MVP of Excellence for 10 years (2006-2016) and all types of Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire article and comments before making any changes to your community, create a system restore point, and pay attention to the nature of third-party offerings when installing free software.

Some users reported that after updating the system, the space between their desktop icons became very large. In addition, some users have reported that their desktop logos often become too large. If the spacing between icons on your Windows 10 desktop has suddenly increased and messed up, the following services will help you restore it to its original state.

Why are my desktop icons scattered?

Right click on that particular desktop, select View. Make sure the Automatic Icon Arrangement box is unchecked. Make sure “Align icons to grid” is also unchecked. Reboot and check if the issue is resolved.

If the spacing between icons on your Windows 10 desktop has recently changed and become incorrect, you can restore the spacing by default, following this guide :

  1. Set icons to auto-arrange.
  2. Change screen resolution.
  3. Restore default spacing using Registry Editor.
  4. Rollback or update the display driver.

Create a system restore point first, and then perhaps continue making patches one by one.

1] Predefined Desktop Icons In Auto Organize Mode

How do I fix my desktop icons?

Right click anywhere on the desktop.
Always click on the “Pro” optionview” in the text menu to expand the options.
Make sure “Show desktop icons” is checked.
You should immediately see your tokens reappear.

If you find uneven spacing between all of the indicator icons, this method should indeed cause a problem. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Right-click on the desktop.
  2. Select the View option. Auto-coordination of icons and options for aligning icons to the grid. Otherwise, click on all of these options to activate them.
  3. Of course, you can also choose the icon size: small, medium, and large. In addition, you can change the size-related icons using Ctrl Top Secret + Scroll Mouse combinations. Hold down the Ctrl keyOn the keyboard, move the mouse navigation wheel to set the icon size.

Once you turn on automatic mode, all your icons will be placed automatically.

2] Change Screen Resolution

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select System and click Display on the left.
  3. Also change the screen resolution from the drop-down menu and set Scale and Layout to 100%.

3] Restore Default Icon Location Using Registry Editor

How do I get my desktop icons back to normal?

Open settings.
Click Personalization.
Click Themes at the top.
Click the “Desktop Icon Alternatives” link.
Check all the icons you want to read on the desktop, including “Computer” (This PC), “User Files”, “Network”, “Recycle Bin”, and “Control Panel”.
Click Apply.
click OK.

If the other two methods didn’t resolve the issue, try changing the spacing between computer tooltips using the Registry Editor.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics

You should check out the IconSpacing and IconVerticalSpacing suggestions. Both are set to -1125 by default on my PC, although I’ve seen the product set to -1128 on some PCs.

4]Update Display Driver Back Or Back

If none of the solutions above work, the problem might be with your video driver. In some cases, it may helpUpdate or update the backlight driver.

  1. Launch Device Manager.
  2. Select your display driver.
  3. Right-click on it and select Update as well. Please update your driver”.
  4. Select “Search for Drivers Automatically” from the pop-up window. Windows then looks for the latest driver and installs it as well.

The following steps will help users override the backlight driver:

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Double-click your display driver.
  3. On the Driver tab, select Roll Back Driver.

Want a personalized Windows 10 desktop and organize your files, shortcuts, and other items in a special way? If so, you may have noticed that they can change location when you upgrade your windshield. For example, because it can happen when changing the screen resolution. It can be almost frustrating to organize desktop layouts only to have them disorganized every time you plug in a second screen or refresh the screen. Here’s how to Iconblend it.

Press Windows Paramount R+ to disable Open the Run dialog box, type: %userprofile% and press Enter.

The user folder will open. Make sure hidden items are visible by simply clicking the View tab and then checking the Hidden Items checkbox in the appropriate Show/Hide group.

That is, if you decide to confirm that this works, move the “very good” icon anywhere on the current desktop, then right-click on the desktop and also click Refresh or press F5 on your keyboard.

For more information on how to organize items on your desktop, see Use Stardock railings to easily hide clothes from all your desktop icons.

Or read our article on creating desktop shortcuts for Windows 10 Universal Software Apps.

How do I fix my desktop icons?

Right-click an empty space on your desktop.
Click the Show option on the context menu to expand the options.
Make sure “Show desktop icons” is checked.
You should immediately see your icons reappear.yatsya.

If you want your current desktop elements in Windows 10 to be organized according to a certain strategy, it will be difficult to swap them after the update.phenomena. How to solve the problem.

We all definitely have a habit of storing office icons in certain places, such as folders that are required for daily use, in the lower large corner of the desktop, or important Excel and Word files in the large right corner. Organizing desktop icons can make you more productive, especially when everyone has two or more monitors.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Windows tends to mess up the ideal layout of icons on the desktop and randomly rearrange or rearrange them all the time. This usually happens when restarting Windows Activity explorer.exe or when restarting core Windows 10. Luckily, there are several ways to change the location of icons on the desktop and instantly improve it when needed.

  • Sometimes when we change the screen resolution (especially in games) or adjust the previous average, Windows automatically moves the icons.
  • If you mix up the new desktop icon it will most likely be redesigned and organized by name or date.
  • If you tend to turn your screen off when you move away from your desktop, the icons on my desktop will change when you switch back to your screen.
  • It could also be a graphics card issue. A faulty graphics card will cause random screen resolution changes. When you change the display setting, all downloaded desktop icons will be shuffled.
  • Before doing anything, create desktop icons according to your new need.

    How do I fix my icons on Windows 10?

    Press Windows Key + I to open it and click on Personalize. Scroll down in the Themes section if you need to choose desktop icon settings. Select the items for which you don’t see an icon and click the Edit icon here to replace the home. If that doesn’t work, try each of our “Restore Defaults” buttons on a live screen.

    Before you specify the stairs below, be sure to place all your symbols in the right places. You can often drag and drop icons to places where you want them to be successfully customized. Right-click Calculations, move the view to the slider, and uncheck “Automatically arrange and align icons to grid”. (see screenshot)

    How To Save Desktop Layout Icons In Windows 10

    Manual Method

    After you have rendered your symbols in the places and where you want. Now he can save the structure of the page so that itno longer confused.

    Method 1: Directly prevent themes from changing icons in the desktop background

    Allow Windows to mix themes with computer icons by default. If your design and style is to blame, you can follow these steps to disable and prevent icon placement.

    1. Search for themes and related settings in the Windows search bar. Click
    2. Now click “Change watermark settings” at the right end of the screen.
    3. Now uncheck Allow subjects to change tokens and accept the settings.

      Why are my desktop icons scattered?

      Right click on desktop, select View. Make sure the Automatic Icon Arrangement box is unchecked. Make sure the “Align symbols to gauge” checkbox is also unchecked. Reboot to see if the issue is resolved.

      How do I get my desktop icons back to normal?

      Open settings.
      Click “Available” in the “Personalization” section.
      Click Themes.
      Click the Desktop Logo Settings link.
      Check all the icons you want to see on the desktop, especially Computer (this PC), User Files, Network, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel.
      Click Apply.
      click OK.