Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Issues in Windows

By Running A Real Computer Scan For Malware

Malware is one of the main causes of sudden internet slowdowns and/or crashes.

Therefore, I recommend that you download this AntiMalware.

After installation, run a full scan of your computer.


As a general rule, remove detected malware (by clicking “Quarantine Items”) and restart someone’s computer.

See The Windows Troubleshooter For Help

Offers Windows All in combination with a tool capable of detecting and therefore resolving Internet connection problems.

To use it, right-click the current connection icon > Troubleshoot (it’s on the taskbar at the bottom, next to the clock).

After a few minutes, a message below will appear indicating whether your connection was saved successfully.

Using An Appropriate Full Internet Recovery

A complete internet recovery tool that doesn’t require any basics, maybe it’sIt is one of Iori’s most important tools for restoring an Internet connection.

Everything is definitely made easy thanks to the simple and intuitive graphical interface. All you need to do is select the relationship sectors you want to intervene in and start the repair by clicking “Go!” on them. Button. When completed, people will be prompted on your recovery computer to apply existing patches to ensure that the online file works correctly the next time Windows starts.

Using The NetAdapter

Generic Recovery Tool

NetAdapter Repair All In One is another good 100% free portable program very similar to Complete Internet Repair.

By default, when you click on the “Advanced Repair” icon, the application interferes with the WinSok Network Mondo Part, TCP, and IP Repair service, removes all proxies in combination with VPN settings, and often restores (repairs) Windows. firewall. Obviously, this also applies to other types of repair.

Namely, here, as in Internet Complete Repair, you need to select interventions thatyou want to apply to the connection and then start repair by clicking on the alternative option “Run All Selected”. At the end, the program will ask you to restart your computer system in order to apply the fixes.

Using The Connection Repair Tool


Connectivity Fixer you need to install is a well-known Badosoft tool for fixing online connection problems. It is a pity, however, that the free version of the process can unfortunately only solve problems related to the WinSock and IP part of the network, while the Pro performance interferes in several places, such as NetAdapter Repair All In One and, in addition, Full Internet Repair, which in this case should be approached conceptually.

To fix internet connection problems with the Connectivity Fixer, just click the “Fix Now” button.

At the end of the tutorial, you may be prompted to restart your computer to perform repairs.

Elements To Test First

Try this first to help someone troubleshoot or isolate a migration issue.

  • Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on a. Select the “No Connection” Internet icon on the right side of the main taskbar and make sure Wi-Fi is turned on. Otherwise, select this tool to activate it. Also make sure airplane mode is off.

  • Select “Manage Wi-Fi Connections” (>) in the main settings of the Wi-Fi Viewer when the actual Wi-Fi network you have detected and suspect appears in the list of computer networks. If so, select a Wi-Fi network and try connecting to it. If it says “Connected” under the main name, select the “Disconnect” network, wait a moment, and then select “Connect” again.

  • Try linking back to a network with a different frequency range. Many consumer wireless Wi-Fi routersFi broadcast two different network frequencies of relay bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. They appear as separate networks in the list of available Wi-Fi systems. If you have both a 2.4GHz network and a 5GHz network in your list of available Wi-Fi networks, try connecting to a different provider. For more information about errors between 2.4GHz networks and 5GHz networks, see Wi-Fi problems at home.

  • Make sure the physical Wi-Fi switch on someone’s laptop is turned on. (The signal light usually indicates when it is on.)