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Adium’s past message repository consists of two types of items: the full chat logs and most of the existing messages in the window, known as the message history.

Note. The library folder known in this article is hidden in OS X version 10.7 and later. See this article for more information.

There are three ways to create a chat log window:

  1. Choose View Chat Transcript from the window menu.
  2. Click the clock icon on the support window toolbar.A
  3. Select a contact from the current contact list, then select View Chat Logs from the Contacts menu.

  • Open the settings window from the Adium menu.
  • Disable “Message Log” on the General tab.
  • Open the settings window from the Adium menu.
  • Enter the “Show Recent Posts” number in the General tab.
  • Of course, this is different from chat transcription, so if you disable message logging, lesson history will not be recorded.
  • Your Home Directory → Library → Application Support → Adium 2.0 → Users → Standards →Protocols.

    First, don’t panic! The “Delete” button moves only those transcripts that will help to the trash. So check there first. Maybe you still have them.

    1. Press ‡§âŒ˜H. Your home folder will open.
    2. Go to Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Defaults/Logs.
    3. The contents of the “it” folder consist of subfolders, one per account; The contents of each subfolder actually consists of several subfolders, one for each contact. For example, if your AIM username is jdoe and you have an important contact named jsmith, the log file will contain a folder named AIM.jdoe. which contains a subfolder accepted as “jsmith”.
    4. Move each chat log file from the trash to the appropriate subfolder of the logs folder. (It is important that users place it in the correct folder. Otherwise, Adium will not be able to correctly find these transcripts in the Transcript Viewer.)

    In most cases, this process requires you to be running Mac OS X Leopard, have Time Machine enabled, and require At least a backup copy.

  • Press ‡§âŒ˜H. Your home folder will open.
  • Go to Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Defaults/Logs.
  • Start the time machine. By default it is in your dock. If you removed it from your personal dock, you can still access it using Spotlight (at the very bottom of the menu bar).
  • Go back in time and recover lost files.
  • If Adium no longer shows all results when searching for chat rooms and your transcripts, you can re-index them by selecting File → Import → Adium Logs.

    11:55:41: (Libpurple: util) Write doc blist.xml to /Users/skade/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Default/libpurple 11:55:41: (Libpurple:util) write file /Users/skade/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Default/libpurple/blist.xml 11:55:42: (Libpurple: oscar) Request ICQ alias to get 57636396 11:55:42: (Libpurple: oscar) icq response: fifty-four bytes, 69792705, 0x07da, 0x00c3 11:55:46: (Libpurple: Jabber) Recv (ssl)(342): 11:55:46: (Libpurple: oscar) ICQ alias request to 12111 11:55:47: (Libpurple: oscar) icq response: fifty-four bytes, 69792705, 0x07da, 0x00c4 11:55:47: (Libpurple: jabber) Recv (ssl)(579): test< xht:span style='Font-family: Lucida Grande; font-size: medium;'>test 11:55:47: (Libpurple: Jabber) 4 emoticons found