System error codes (1000-1299) (WinError.h)

In general, there are hundreds of DOS Authority error messages. Below are the most frequent messages.

Access denied
The computer file is protected or is being used by another application.

Invalid command or declared name
DOS does not understand the command or cannot find a program to run it.

Data error while reading drive X
Part of the hard drive is unreadable. Press R to try again or A to capture (cancel). The utility can repair the affected area.

Duplicate filename
The file cannot be resaved because a file with the person’s name already exists. It can also be inconvenient if the file is created by someone on the network and also needs to be closed in state in order to rename it.

Exception 12
DOS bugs do not allow overlapping hardware interrupts.

General Disk Read Error Please try again, x
Cancel error?
Usually means that this unformatted drive is in use. Press A to cancel, format the drive and try again. This error occurs when a low density drive is actually trying toRead the disc at high density.

Wrong DOS version
An earlier or later version of your own command is on disk and belongs to a different version of DOS. Commands from one version of DOS usually do not work in the second version.

Internal stack error
DOS is completely confused. Shut down and restart your computer.

Invalid disk specification
If this message appears on a valid drive, such as C:, then the hard drive may indeed be damaged.

Invalid file name or boot file not found
The character supposedly used in the DOS file’s trademark. Wildcards can cause errors. For example, the command type *.* can cause errors because only one user file can be entered at a time. Media

invalid type
DOS does not understand the drive format for the link. The disc was somewhat dangerous and undeniably playable. However, this error also occurs if the volume was never properly provisioned as expected. Settings

invalid does not understand the type of radio button used in the webcommandde. Be sure to pass a specific forward slash (/) for options (switches).

Non-system or occasional disk errors
Replace and press any key when you’re ready
This usually means that there is a non-bootable floppy disk in drive A. The computer looks for DOS on the floppy disk before looking for DOS on the hard drive. Inserting a new plain floppy into drive A causes an error at startup. Remove the disc and press almost any key.

Not ready to read drive X
Cancel, retry, error?
This meant that the drive door was left open, or perhaps there was no floppy in the drive. Insert a disc or close the player door (turn the lever) and newspaper and TV R.

To change to a different drive later when the longer “Current drive is invalid >” message appears, press F followed by the drive letter (or I for pre-4.0 DOS).

The pen is not completely ready Try again, prn
Cancel error?
The computer printer is turned off or unavailable. Press A Cancel to turn on or turn on someone’s printer and press R. Also check the cable connection to ourprivate device.

Stack Overflow
There is not enough space in DOS to handle hardware interrupts. A bad extension or an incorrectly inserted card can cause erroneous signals that will eventually result in this message.

System stopped
Indicates that the computer was completely unable to continue working due to hardware and software problems. This can happen when a memory parity error is indicated or when the peripheral card is bent. A program error can cause this just like any virus. Checking memory, checking for viruses to recover, and removing peripheral cards one at a time are ways to isolate the problem.

Disk write protection error
The storage is protected and the data cannot be saved. Remove protection or use a different hard drive. See Delivery Protection.


1001 (0x3E9)

Too deep recursion; stack full.


1002 (0x3EA)

Window cannot respond to Type of sent message.


1003 (0x3EB)

This function cannot be executed.


1004 (0x3EC)

Invalid flags.


1005 (0x3ED)

The total size does not include a valid file system. Make sure all necessary file system drivers are loaded and the volume is not damaged.


1006 (0x3EE)

The volume of the file has been changed externally, so the open file is no longer valid.




This operation cannot be performed in full screen mode.


1008 (0x3F0)

An attempt was made to refer to a token that does not exist.




The PC configuration registry is corrupted.


1010 (0x3F2)

Invalid settings registry key.



Unable to open deployment registry key.


1012 (0x3F4)

Failed to read the beginning of the configuration register.




Failed to write theme registry key.


1014 (0x3F6)

You need to restore one of the registry clips using the latest protocol or another copy. The financial restructuring was successful.


1015 (0x3F7)

The registry is corrupted. The structure of the file containing the registry data is likely corrupted, or the system memory of all the images in the file is corrupted, or the file might not be recoverable because an alternate copy or tree was missing or corrupted.< /p >


1016 (0x3F8)

An I/O operation initiated by the registry has failed fatally. The registry can be one of the files that often contains a system image that you see, don’t save, don’t clean.Write, write, or even delete the registry.


1017 (0x3F9)

The system attempted to repair or load a music file into the registry, but the file does not match the computer’s registry file format.


1018 (0x3FA)

Illegal attempt to bind to a registry key marked for deletion.



System (0x3fb)

will not allocate the required memory in the register log.




There can’t be a symbolic link in a significant registry key that already has subkeys or values.




A stable subkey cannot be created with an ephemeral parent or parent key.


1022 (0x3FE)

The change notification convenience app closes and no information is returned to the specific caller’s buffer. The caller must nowIt is possible to list files to save changes.


1051 (0x41B)

Stopping transfers control to a company that has other services running.




The requested control is definitely not valid for this service.

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