The solution for my computer is slow, how to fix it

Sometimes your system shows an error that my computer is definitely slow. How can I solve this problem? There may be several reasons for this problem.

Is your computer not working the way it used to? Windows problems and errors can be easily fixed with this wonderful tool.

Find out which programs quit smoking, only your computer wastes energy. Check your main connection and browser worldwide. Defragment your hard drive. Upgrade hardware that can slow down any computer to a solid state deployment. Add a lot of memory (RAM)

Open Task Manager to see what programs typically run in the background and how much memory and CPU they can use. If you’re actually using Windows, or later request a version of Resmon, you’ll have a better idea of ​​how your computer’s resources are being used.

On Windows and earlier versions of XP, use the Run command in the Start menu and %tem ofp% in the Run box.

If you have a Mac, please delete this section as it contains the registry number for the ma optionscOS.

Waiting for every creaky computer to quietly build a solid new computer with a simple task is truly one of life’s biggest frustrations. If your system starts inefficiently, follow these 10 tips to really have a slow computer. Tired, but long forgotten computer really improves blood flow to the vessels. But sometimes new computers can also become clogged over time. 10 Very Quick Plans Anyone Can Do Quickly

1. Remove Unused Programs

When you buy a new computer, chances are it comes with a lot of pre-installed programs. The old Can-PCs just add them in time. You will never use almost all of them, and some of the most used ones can often run in the background without your knowledge, slowing down your new computer.

To extract these items, click Start, then select Store, Control Panel, then Programs and Other Features. , scroll, select multiple, and uncheck the styleher which you want to use.

If you’re not sure what really should be kept, use PC-Decrapifier, the perfect tool for determining what’s valuable and what’s not.

2. Delete Temporary Files

Each time you use Internet Everything, Explorer, your favorite browsing history remains in the bowels of your PC. This happens from time to time when most people install something. It’s like never throwing away old packaging when buying a new built-in TV, freeing up an incredible amount of space in your design. To get rid of all the clutter, open “My Computer”, select our drive, first click on the “Windows” file, and then open the folder inside labeled “Temp”.

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Right-click any part of the body of the folder and select Details from the view selector. Once created, select the files that are usually older by the current date and hit the delete key. In this case, go to the desktop cartth software and clean it.

3.SSD This Installation CD

If your computer is old and won’t turn on, your hard drive may be the cause. They usually contain a lot of moving material and can take a particularly long time to ignite. A modern hard drive (like any large USB drive) can recover data faster and also speed up the boot process.

4. Get More Free Disk Space

Whether you make your PC flawless or not, when your hard drive is really full it will definitely affect your PC speed. If you use your system for CPU-intensive tasks such as disk and media writing, your hard drive will most likely start throttling before you notice it. You should have more than 1TB of storage these days, enough for hundreds and hundreds of HD movies.

5. Don’t Let Them Use Unnecessarily

Then, when you turn on your computer, some methods will run automatically ifyou need to run them in the background by yourself. The really fun stuff is Spotify, Skype and others. other circumstances. Running all applications will definitely consume your computer’s RAM, forget about the ones you don’t use. No execution required.

To do this, type “Click Start” and “Run”. In the first box that looks like this, type “msconfig” next to the box at the top of “Startup” and this tab will show all the applications that run before your computer starts. Manually remove exactly the settings you don’t need, or click “Disable all”, but be sure to continue working so that all antivirus programs work.

6. Get More RAM

Have you noticed that when your company tries to manage multiple utilities at the same time, such as Email, Planet, and Word, your computers switch between large groups? because you are not using enough RAM. This is the type of memory that your computer uses for normal purposes and is easy (and inexpensive) to replace.please, find out where to look.

7. Defrag CD

Generally don’t be afraid of the details, it’s just a way to improve the performance of your hard drive.

To change this, select “Right click on Computer, on the hard drive and specifically on Properties. The Defragment Now tool should always be on the Advanced tab.

8. Run Disk Cleanup

Run your shared system with this built-in device that checks large files for unwanted scans.

To find out, click Start, then go back to All Programs > Accessories > System > Tool Disc > Cleanup.

9. Suction

When dusting computers, your employees won’t believe how much dust the fan often collects. Dust can slow down the air flow, which is important for maintaining the temperature in the room, and in case of overheating, daily work will still be slowed down.

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